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Pipeline Repair, Rehabilitation and Protective Coatings

Pipeline Repair, Rehabilitation and Protective CoatingsOver half of the world’s pipelines are more than 40 years old. The result of these aging pipelines is frequently the topic of major headlines. The cost to replace or repair those pipelines will be in the tens of billions of dollars globally. Designed to bridge the gap between short hand-applied repairs and long lengths of pipe replacement, Triumph in partnership with OAK Utility Solutions & Development W.L.L provide value proposition via cutting edge technologies (ARMOR PLATE) to upgrade pipelines from valve to valve at a fraction of the cost of replacement. In most cases Triumph provides its clients with lifetime warranty on its products and services, this is usually captured within its comprehensive maintenance programs which are a by-product of its commitment to after-sales care. This unique market offering is unsurpassed and is underpinned by top-tier professionalism and expertise.

Pipeline Rehabilitation

Triumph utilizes an advanced non-metallic composite coating system as well as ultra-high-strength steel in an automated application to reinforce existing pipelines., Triumph can reinstate all sections of pipeline fittings and ancillaries such as vessels, tees, elbows and wrinkle bends. Our technologies allow pipeline operators to protect the public and the environment while offering significant savings unlike pipeline replacement.

Pipeline Protection

Triumph utilizes an advanced non-metallic composite coating system to protect new and existing pipelines. Our technologies are particularly well-suited for all sections of pipelines that are exposed to the risk external damage caused by abrasion erosion and or corrosion.

Pipeline Construction

Triumph is proud to introduce the next step in the evolution of pipeline construction. Triumph can provide advanced methods of pipeline construction and installation based on a combination of manual and automated application of precision-wrapped, ultra-high-strength martensitic steel that is designed to stream-line the process and moves the entire procedure to the jobsite, thus reducing time and labour significantly.


Pipeline Services

Hot Bolting

Pipeline ServicesRemoving old bolts is one of the toughest jobs in the bolting service industry, but, rest assured that Triumph will not stop when a torque wrench won’t do the job. Triumph, through years of experience, and by working with Titan tools and top machine shops have hot bolted countless old flanges. Our specialized tools work along with our torque equipment to remove old studs from dated pipeline and facility flanges.

Hydraulic Stud Tensioning

Hydraulic stud tensioning ensures more accurate bolt loads. Multi stud tensioning is used to simultaneously tension 50% to 100% of the bolts in a flange. Triumph crews are seasoned in the use of hydraulic stud tensioning equipment for a variety of applications. When your job requires safe application of critical bolt load distribution, Triumph crews are extensively trained in the application of torque, tension and elongation for all applications.

Cold Pipe Cutting & Beveling

With increasing concern for safely cutting casing, without the use of torches, Triumph offers various types of cutters to meet the various needs for cutting casing, pipe and other tubular. Our cutters are intended to quickly and safely cold cut and bevel pipe that needs a dressed edge or multiple strings of casing for removal, reclamation and/or disposal. We are equipped to cut through pipe up to 48″ in diameter.


Project Management & Manpower Supply

Project Management & Manpower SupplyToday’s new projects can be complicated with many vendors to manage, deadlines to meet and details to oversee. Often, projects extend past planned timeframes and budgets because of the difficulties in maintaining control of the operations.

With the expense and coordination that goes along with large-scale projects, it makes sense to have a dedicated, experienced project management team to ensure the project is managed properly to meet deadlines and budget requirements.

Manpower Supply

Whether the requirement is for a short period or a complete project period, we can do reliable and appropriate manpower supply to meet client needs. In every business, people are the greatest & and the most important asset. We provide qualified people to support your business.

Triumph understands the different phases of an Oil and Gas project and is able to deliver the manpower required in a short period of time. We provides Oil and Gas manpower to oil rigs, oil exploration, petroleum engineering, oil sands, gas pipeline, Shipyards, Dry-docks in the refineries offshore or onshore, upstream, downstream, pipelines, production, and exploration jobs on hourly / short term/long-term hire basis.

Project Management

Triumph provides Project Management Services in supports of operation for the Oil & Gas Industry. We offer fully integrated services, combining the provision of project management and engineering services, vessels and equipment, offshore operation and project documentation into one integrated package.

With our diversified expertise, wide-ranging services and extensive resources our Project Management Team are dedicated in fulfilling our clients’ needs by offering total solution for planning, engineering, quality control, and safely managed operations.

We will ensure that the projects are in line with our capabilities, assuring a controlled and sustainable execution. Our management and HSE system are fully equipped to the client. Our aim is not to work for our clients but to work with them in a fully dedicated supporting role to deliver projects within time and budget.


Turbine & Machinery Services

Turbine & Machinery ServicesTriumph is Nigerian Local Partner for Viking Engineering Singapore. Viking Engineering has been dedicated in providing its expertise in turbine and machinery services to the marine, process plant and power generation sectors.

  • Steam Turbine and Gears
  • Turbo Feed Water Pumps
  • Gas Compressor and Control Systems
  • Gas Turbines
  • Other Rotary Machineries (Pump, Fan / Blower and Compressor, etc.)
  • Installation and Commissioning of Machineries / Systems