Triumph Supplies & Services Nigeria Limited was established in 2008 as an international company specialized in providing Engineering Services to Oil & Gas, Energy, Marine and Telecommunications industries in the Gulf of Guinea.

Our goal is to provide added values to our Clients through the application of the extensive experience of our senior staff, integration with client processes and the development of solutions through technical leadership that delivers economic value.

Company Vision

To be a leading global offshore technology, oil & gas, energy, marine and environmental protection materials and equipment sourcing and procurement company built on integrity and service excellence.

Company Mission

To provide quality, effective and innovative services to our clients on time and on budget.

Our Strength

Highly dedicated and qualified engineers and business professionals with extensive experience in Oil & Gas, Energy and Marine.

Dynamic and seasoned directors.

Access to robust clientele mostly Multinationals Corporations (MNC) and Large National Entities (LNE).

Strong financial base.